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Large Geekery Update - Fling-master - 08-01-2003

The Geekery has been updated with 10 new items. So check em' out, and look in the News section for more details.

Large Geekery Update - na_th_an - 08-01-2003

A litle "fixture". I've read this in the site: (compiler/interpreters downloads). "Qbasic 1.1 [...] This is the earliest version of QB. "

This is untrue. In fact, Qbasic 1.1 came after Qbasic 4.5 (the runtime library is called BQLB50.LIB, so it may be v.5.0 but without the compiler). The first version is called "BASCOM", released in 1982. QB 2.0 and QB 3.0 came after.

Large Geekery Update - Zack - 08-02-2003

Ahh, sorry about that, my mistake. Will fix when I have time.
Thanks for the heads up, nath.