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Qbasic Turkey Updated - Fling-master - 08-05-2003

QBasic Turkey has been redesigned. You can check it out at http://qbasic.net.tc.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Moneo - 08-06-2003

I get nothing but a blank page for Qbasic Turkey.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Sterling Christensen - 08-06-2003

For me it started out a blank page, but 2 to 3 seconds later the background turned black and everything loaded.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Moneo - 08-06-2003

Waited 30 seconds, but it stayed blank.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - na_th_an - 08-06-2003

It works for me. Instantly.. What's happening? :???:

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Fling-master - 08-06-2003

I've always had the "blank page" problem with QBasic Turkey... I'm not sure why it happens though. It goes blank for a few seconds, then it suddenly starts to load... kinda strange... meh.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Moneo - 08-06-2003

I just tried Qbasic Turkey again, and still get a persistent blank page.

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Fling-master - 08-07-2003

Well, you're telling the wrong person lol... I don't run that website. I just post the news that I'm given (after I verify the news submittions of course).

Qbasic Turkey Updated - oracle - 08-07-2003

Works fine for me... Try http://muratelic.sitemynet.com/qbasic.htm

Qbasic Turkey Updated - Moneo - 08-07-2003

Sorry, I had no one else to tell.

Thanks, the Muratelic link works fine. It says Qbasic Turkey on top, so must be the same site.