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avatar - Diroga - 09-01-2003

how do i get an avatar for my name

avatar - LinkMaster Sab - 09-01-2003

That option should be in "Profile"... just browse through your files, find it, and accept the changes.

avatar - Diroga - 09-01-2003

hehe thanks

avatar - LinkMaster Sab - 09-01-2003

You're welcome, always nice to help out!

avatar - oracle - 09-01-2003

That is not a nice avatar, diroga...

avatar - Rokkuman - 09-01-2003

Well, one violent avatar goes down... another goes up... AAP is not gonna be happy...

avatar - Ninkazu - 09-01-2003

since when is a picture of a gun violent? A gun pointed at someone's head is much more violent than just some teeny gun on a white background.

avatar - LinkMaster Sab - 09-01-2003

Mine's awesome AND non-violent :king:

avatar - Mech1031 - 09-01-2003

I do custom avitar's, you can drop me a PM and i'll see what i can do.

avatar - potato - 09-01-2003

mine is just plain AWSOMAAAAAA