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Developement Forum - seph - 11-19-2003


Just formally getting the word out to people that the forum me and devbliss were working on is up and ready to go. Smile Please stop by sometime.

Developement Forum - ak00ma - 11-19-2003

Great design....it's a very nice mod

I just registered....oh...and I saw that Blitz registered on your board....RESPECT

Developement Forum - seph - 11-19-2003

Thanks, lol. Is that respect thing from Adam Sandler?

Developement Forum - ak00ma - 11-19-2003

not that I know

Developement Forum - Zack - 11-19-2003

I posted this in the General News of the QBNZ forum. Thought I'd let you know.

Developement Forum - seph - 11-19-2003

Man, you gotta listen to his CD, it's funny.

Developement Forum - Anonymous - 11-19-2003

gotta respect the condom :rotfl:

Developement Forum - oracle - 11-19-2003

Moved to News Smile

(it sucks being in a text-only environment, I tell you... so hard to do anything...)

Developement Forum - Fling-master - 11-19-2003

Quote:Moved to News Smile

lol ok that explains a lot then. I was wondering how seph was able to post it in the news forum hehe.

Developement Forum - oracle - 11-19-2003

(Yay, never thought I'd be happy to boot into windows but now I have GUI!)

Yeah, I always think moving better than making a new post.