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marked read - Diroga - 12-03-2003

every time i revist the site the topics that i did not read are considered read. i do not click on mark all as read and there is no personal seting. is this a coockie issue?

marked read - adosorken - 12-03-2003

You likely are having problems with cookies, because that doesn't happen here...check your browser's cookie settings, and umm...use Mozilla Wink *plug* *plug* *plug*

marked read - Diroga - 12-03-2003

what is it, im guess a browser. i'm no ie expert but it looks fine, all the right settings.

marked read - potato - 12-03-2003

One of three, since no one else has this problem:

1> are you set to automatically log-in? sometimes when you enter and then login, you will get an all marked read.

2> make sure you only access the site with one browser a day, otherwise you will instantly be marked all read since you were here once, and second time in another browser. visiting the site once and leaving or opening another instance tells the browser that you have already read the new contents from the old instance

3> you suck. your computer is sucking. your browser is sucking. reformat, reinstall, rebirth if you are really pissed off at this small problem.

marked read - Diroga - 12-03-2003