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Auto log-out bug? - Piptol - 02-26-2003

Does anyone else get automatically logged out the forum from time to time? I've (obviously) ticked the 'keep me logged in..' box but it still happens..? Maybe it's cos I use Opera.

Auto log-out bug? - Hexadecimal Disaster - 02-28-2003

That's a nasty feature of phpBB; it has the ability to log out an user after a specified amount of time. That was mainly designed for people logging in on public places, obviously to avoid "account hacking" and other related things. The problem is when you ask the forum to keep the user logged, because, instead of truly keeping you logged in, the forum will log out and immediately log in after the specified time, thus keeping the impression of an "always logged in", but...

...I'll leave the rest to your imagination.