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QBColony Updates! - Zack - 01-07-2004

Very cool, but...Kind of annoying? Having your computer on 24/7.

QBColony Updates! - Rhiannon - 01-07-2004

the computers here are on 24/7. What I find annoying is rebooting and stuff. :-?

QBColony Updates! - Zack - 01-07-2004

Crikey! You have your servers running IN YOUR HOUSE?

QBColony Updates! - oracle - 01-07-2004

Heh, what's your record for longest uptime?

I guy I know has had his laptop on for 63 days once :o

And it wasn't a server or anything...

QBColony Updates! - Zack - 01-07-2004

My sister and her boyfriend keep their's on all week, shutting it down only on friday night, turning it back on on Saturday evening.

QBColony Updates! - na_th_an - 01-07-2004

My comps are usually on 24/7. Emule, y'know, plus excesive usage on work/studies/whatever. If I had a fixed IP, I'd have a server.

QBColony Updates! - toonski84 - 01-07-2004

If you have win98, this is probably a bad idea, though. And in any case, it's a good idea to reboot now and then.

One more thing - if you're not in the house, turn your monitor off. That thing runs up your electric like you wouldnt belive.

QBColony Updates! - Zack - 01-07-2004

Not LCD moniters. Big Grin

QBColony Updates! - Rokkuman - 01-07-2004

Nah, I have Windows 2000, and things have seemed to have been running perfectly fine. I ask people how fast pages will load from my PC, and they'd tell me it was just fine. I was warned about speed before, but that seems to not be an issue.

QBColony Updates! - Rhiannon - 01-07-2004

i once had my laptop on for 3 weeks 6 days 23 hours 22 minutes 23 seconds. then the power went out. hehe. And i turn off the monitor cuz the light wont let me sleep.