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QBOA #11 has been released - adosorken - 01-17-2004

Read it or download it at http://www.nodtveidt.net/qboa/

This issue is co-edited by eQuuskia and myself and features an all-new look designed by her. As usual, we have news that no other zine has as well as insight from the people who the news comes from, a number of articles, and some satire thrown in for good measure. All in all, a pretty good issue if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to complete the UGL review for this issue so it will either be in the next issue or added to this current issue as soon as it is completed.

Enjoy! Big Grin

QBOA #11 has been released - Zack - 01-17-2004

Hey, great issue. Smile
Do you do Website Reviews as well? I noticed the article about QBasic.tk, and was wondering if you'd do The Geekery when it's up, in the next issue.
Cool. Smile

QBOA #11 has been released - Fling-master - 01-17-2004

[Moved from General Discussion to here as this is probably the better place for it... plus I was going to post about it here anyhow Wink]

QBOA #11 has been released - Jocke The Beast - 01-17-2004

Great work Nek! Loved the articles and reviews. *does the wave* 8)

QBOA #11 has been released - Plasma - 01-17-2004

FYI Angelo Mottola hasn't disappeared; he's working with the Allegro team doing MacOS X ports...

QBOA #11 has been released - relsoft - 01-17-2004

Liked the finite state machine articles.

QBOA #11 has been released - Sumo Jo - 01-17-2004

how'd we end up getting an article on us?

QBOA #11 has been released - Zap - 01-19-2004

See sumo, that's my little secret Wink .

Nice mag! I think we're riding on a high wave of qbmags these times.

QBOA #11 has been released - Radical Raccoon - 01-19-2004

Cool! Usually I just skim through all the mags, but this one had quite a few things that caught my attention.

QBOA #11 has been released - Lachie Dazdarian - 01-19-2004

I wasn't pestering, dammit!