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death penalty - SJ Zero - 02-24-2004

Agamemnus, My father worked for a nuclear research facility in Pinnowa Manitoba in the early 80s. One time he accidentally broke the security seals on a door. It wasn't long at ALL until military jets were flying in the air overhead. Minutes.

Now, one jet has crashed into a national landmark in one of the largest cities in the country, and another two are hijacked. Are you telling me that it's a lie that any compotent commander would shoot those planes down in the time it takes to say "innocent lives"?

Frankly, you need to stop thinking that just because you think something, it's true. Your government sucks, and there is compelling evidence that the government let it happen. Want to deny it? Stab yourself. A country founded upon the prinicples of liberty and democracy has no place for traitors.

death penalty - Z!re - 02-24-2004

I just realized something after watching a B-Action movie on TV.

It was about some terrorists hijacking a plane (surprise surprise) and flying it towards Washington DC.

Through the entire film the only thing that was the "scary and dangerous part making it difficult for the hero" was the fact that there where fighterplanes waiting to shoot the plane down (it was a passenger flight), so, this is a general fact, the US do send up fighter planes in the event of airplanes straying out of their premade routes. (And no, I don't base this on the movie, I just came to think of it, and yes, it has been said before)

So, why the hell did 2 airplanes manage to, not only fly within the aerial protected zone of NY, but to crash there? And the Pentagon? What is that?

I mean, WUUUUUUUUUT!? :o If anyone can explain this to me then feel free to do so.

death penalty - adosorken - 02-24-2004

I have compiled a collection of information over the past couple of years that is very VERY shocking, but not at all a surprise to anyone who's already a cynic. I will write more later but right now Rhia's pulling my ass to the next class at uni so...l8r Smile

BTW: Aga, crawl out from under the rock you've been living in, and join us in the real world.

death penalty - aetherfox - 02-24-2004


Muahahahaha I love you guys!

Aga...seriously...I'm having trouble believeing your being serious.

Nathan, ado, SJ, and all the other so-called cynics, who in reality are awake people like moi, you guys deserve a beer. YAH. So I'm not a paranoid idiot.

It's good to stand for what you believe in. But it's not good to stand for something that you believe in when it has just been legitimately trashed in front of you.

ado's starting sentence in his epic speech summarised this whole discussion.


I'm so happy Big Grin

death penalty - TheBigBasicQ - 02-24-2004

I would just like to ask one question. US attacked Iraq, Afghanistan because they had commited an act of war. Countries like Pakistan which actively involve in nuclear proliferation, help insurgency and terrorists thus endanger the territorial integrity of non-proliferating countries like India. Now when India retaliates by just moving its troops near their borders. There is a huge outcry from the US. Thats double standards.

Now US is feeling the heat of Iraq war. They are killing their own troops, they are making the life of Iraqis hell and, yeah, they will now understand how these 'jehadis' or suicide bombers operate and kill your troops. Something that Israel and India have been suffering for decades.

Oh yeah and I read through out the thread that some of you were very ungreatful to Russia. I dont care what anyone says but the Soviet Union was the major reason that Nazi Germany was defeated in WWII.

death penalty - Agamemnus - 02-24-2004

Zire, check your numbers before posting anything.

1,000,000,000 people would have died if Saddam had stayed in power.

death penalty - Rhiannon - 02-24-2004

Quote:Zire, check your numbers before posting anything.

1,000,000,000 people would have died if Saddam had stayed in power.
How, with his fabled "WMD"? Or perhaps he was planning on stringing them all up by their toes and beating them with an electric cord :roll:

death penalty - TheBigBasicQ - 02-24-2004

No...no...may be he had technology that he bought from the Cardassians which allowed him to make metagenic weapons =P.

death penalty - SJ Zero - 02-25-2004


Metagenic weapons are NO LAUGHING MATTER! We have intelligence that indicates that Bush HAS METAGENIC WEAPONS purchaced illegally from the cardassians. WE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. They're a little bit north, south, east, and west of baghdad.

death penalty - na_th_an - 02-25-2004

Quote:Zire, check your numbers before posting anything.

1,000,000,000 people would have died if Saddam had stayed in power.

How? Would saddam kill 1 billion people throwing farts or something?