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death penalty - Plasma - 02-20-2004

Er, no. Minors never get the death penalty, unless they are tried as adults for extreme reasons. And retarded or insane people can plea that they are mentally stable.

Furthermore, even IF the things you said were true (and they're not), the President has nothing to do with them.

death penalty - oracle - 02-20-2004

Quote:Er, no. Minors never get the death penalty, unless they are tried as adults for extreme reasons.

Thus, minors can be executed. I don't care whether they're tried as adults or not, they're still <18.

Quote: And retarded or insane people can plea that they are mentally stable.

Pah. People can say they're sane or mental in the US, all they need to do is find a psychiratrist (sp?) to say they are. That's the sad thing about the US system - if you've got the money, you can say what you like and you'll be believed.

Quote:Furthermore, even IF the things you said were true (and they're not), the President has nothing to do with them.

He does not abolish the death penalty, thus he condones it. And he comes from Texas, the "kill em all" state of america. He supports the death penalty, thus he's a bad man.

If crims have no right to kill, the state has no right to kill.

death penalty - Plasma - 02-20-2004

What age constitutes adulthood? 16? 18? 21?

And you just disproved your second statement...

Maybe you should learn more about how the US government works before flaming. The President doesn't have the power to overturn the death penalty. (Your preconceived notions about Texas probably aren't helping a whole lot either.)

death penalty - Zack - 02-20-2004

Hm, I must say, I believe that generalizing Texas as the "kill em' all" state is being a little harsh.

death penalty - Agamemnus - 02-20-2004

Every President has favored the death penalty. Even Kerry, the leading Democrat, favors the death penalty. Oracle, you need to get your facts straight.

Also, all you Bush haters out there, guess how many democrats favor private/religious school vouchers? (ie: money that would have gone to a public school going back into the taxpayer's pocket to pay for a private/religious school) 0.

death penalty - Rokkuman - 02-20-2004

This is why I hate the fact that I live in America. I have to put up with other countries referring to us as "you guys", even though the smarter percentage of the country is sick of the government as well. I know people don't really mean everyone in particular, but when it's generalised that way in a sentence, it's annoying to looks at...

death penalty - adosorken - 02-20-2004

I dislike the word "Americans". Foreigners: GET IT RIGHT. We are United Statesians, not Americans.

As far as the death penalty goes, it's lame. Not to mention the fact that it does nothing except cost the taxpayers a tremendous amount of dollars. But 18 or not...if they act as an adult, they can be treated as an adult.

But wow oracle...just when I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, you say such ignorant things. Wow. Sad I don't condemn nosepicking in public, but that doesn't mean I condone it. Things aren't always so black and white. It's not very smart to say such comments in front of so many United Statesians, you know Wink

Agamemnus, take a good look at what they are. Then you will know why. I think it's BS. Public schools are suffering badly, and now GWB and every other religious freak candidate wants to take even MORE money from them. It's horseshyte. Obviously, conformity and forced religion means more to these idiots than our individual freedoms and the power of creative thinking, which is what we need to excel as a country. But noooooooooo...they're insistent on making everyone conform and become drones. The USA will always have a subpar educational system because of this selfish anti-humanitarian act. In a country deemed religiously free, they're going to do everything in their power to take it away from us all. Starting with the impressionable youth. It's disgusting. Sad

death penalty - barok - 02-20-2004

oracle: bone up your studies on the subject before you go making those accusations, stereotypes, etc. etc.

death penalty - Agamemnus - 02-20-2004

I think you're being a little hypocritical, adosorken.

I don't think GWB is a religious freak candidate. I also don't understand why you're saying anything about "forced religion" or "conformity"??? I am lost on your line of thinking.

I do know that most parents prefer private or religious schools over public schools for a reason: they're better. And they're not just better because they're "private" schools: cronyism in public schools can be a big waste of money, and that simply doesn't happen in a private school. Besides a lack of cronyism and a lack of a governmental morass, there is usually no difference between a public and private school.

The general point for school vouchers is that it encourages efficiency in the US school system. That can't be a bad thing can it?

It's the parent's tax money anyways.

death penalty - na_th_an - 02-20-2004

I don't think that GB saying "God bless America" everywhere and every hour is very polite. Specially when the Sept 11th. Specially when that single phrase, that doesn't mean anything bad, can be so discriminant to muslims the way it is used. There are muslim people in the USA. Lots. And they are as United Statesians (Wink) as GB.