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death penalty - Plasma - 02-25-2004

You might want to re-check your history...

death penalty - na_th_an - 02-25-2004

I already did. My country was an ass for 20 centuries. But the difference is that I don't feel proud of that.

death penalty - Plasma - 02-25-2004

The joy of non-threaded forums...my post was directed at BBQ.

death penalty - adosorken - 02-25-2004

Quote:I already did. My country was an ass for 20 centuries. But the difference is that I don't feel proud of that.
You yourself had nothing to do with those 20 centuries though...gang mentality is the true destroyer of the human race. By grouping people together and calling them evil, it somehow gives those who've been grouped together as "good" some kind of authority to take their aggression out on them. It makes me utterly sick. Anyone who disses an individual citizen of Spain just because the Spanish were lugnuts over the centuries is seriously screwed in the head. It makes absolutely no sense to attack an entire group of people like that. The US of course got a good strong taste of this generalized hatred and aggression when Gee Whiz Bushwhacker told us all how evil the Muslims and Arabs were, and the country responded in kind with hatred and resentment for a number of people who had nothing to do with anything that happened...and the foolish "good people of the US" thought they were doing the right thing by promoting this hatred!!! It's seriously screwed right the hell up!

This war should have never happened. GWB should have never become president. Isn't it funny that this is the only war in the history of the US that had protestors BEFORE THE WAR BEGAN? It's not right for me to think this way, but someone needs to do some serious ass-kicking of the morons in DC, and I don't mean a slap on the wrist, I mean some serious damage. The US needs to get woken up in a hard, painful way and realize that it's NOT the world police, it's NOT going to take over the world, and it's NOT "safe". It was never "safe" to begin with...politicians just have this thing for making you believe it is. Also...have you noticed that this "code" system that they enforce in government buildings and airports has never gone to Red? Want to know why? Because if it did, suddenly the population would question just how protected they are, and they'd start to have doubts about the government's ability to protect them. The easiest way to keep people in line is to tell them what they want to hear. In times of fear, the thing people want to hear is that they're safe from the "evil enemies". Enemies were created by GWB, and now he's miraculously protecting us from them.


death penalty - aetherfox - 02-25-2004

I am pretty sure the "code" system went into Red during the anniversary of the 9/11.

But yeah, on the whole, you're right.


Maybe then TBBQ wont have to quote someone who quoted someone else quoting a monkey just to post a one liner smiley Big Grin

death penalty - na_th_an - 02-25-2004

The same happened in the cold war with "fear the communists" in the USA and "fear the capitalists" in the USSR. The basis of the whole cold war was economic: it was about what power was more leet and powerful. Inspiring fear of someone who just thinks differently was the biggest weapon in this so called "cold war". The odd thing is that this still lasts, 13 years after the USSR's breakup...

So I really fear of the "fear the muslims" lasting 25 years more. The "nice" move that Bush made inspiring such fear has left a lot of muslim families in the USA jobless (yes, muslim United Statesians are as United Statesian as you are, stupid whitey Bush). Someone with such a big mouth should be taken away from any public position. When you are the president of the most powerful (and threatening!) country in the world you HAVE TO measure your words. They can do tons of harm.

What I find more funny is that the war began as a "search for mass destruction weapons", then it became a "terrorist threat purge" to end with a "free Iraq from the dictator". And people still find credibility on this? C'mon!

death penalty - adosorken - 02-25-2004

Quote:I am pretty sure the "code" system went into Red during the anniversary of the 9/11.
It was implemented as a result of 9/11...about a month afterwards, if memory serves. If we'd had one at the time, it sure would have been red. Big Grin My gf at the time was in Florida and had to delay her return to Vermont because they weren't allowing any planes in US airspace besides military craft.

death penalty - RST - 02-26-2004

Quote:My country was an ass for 20 centuries. But the difference is that I don't feel proud of that.

The difference from what? I hope you don't think all Americans are proud of what Bush has done - or rather why and how he did it. All I'm saying as that Saddam had to go.

You say Iraq is now a different hell? Maybe, but it's arguably a lot better. You say there's been 10,000 casualties in Iraq, but Saddam's killed half of that in one massacre alone. Google "Halabja".


[RST, no more images like that unless linked via url - oracle]

death penalty - PlayGGY - 02-26-2004

Woah, I haven't been here in a while, and the topic has now
turned into something completely different.

I'll come back later tonight and post again, but I have had a lot of work lately, and have to finish something up.

death penalty - Diroga - 02-26-2004

would every one please summerize their stans on the death penalty