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death penalty - aetherfox - 02-22-2004

Diroga: so was I. I take it you mean it in an economic sense. That makes no sense. I'll explain simpler: Microsoft is a monopoly, it has 90% of the world PC market share (that is old, might be closer to 80 now with the Linux uprise). Schools are not. If my economic theory is wrong, somebody better correct me and explain why, I got essays to do on monopolistic competition.

adosorken: Well at least there is one person out of the 1000+ people here who got what I am saying. PlayGGY, you're too jumpy. You seem the kind of person that reads the paper, watches Fox and thinks he/she has a vast general knowledge.

Fox News is the most biased channel ever. I prefer CNN.
I also don't like American newspapers. I read British newspapers, which contrary to apparant belief, are very good. I also read the newspapers from here. I also check news sites on the Internet.

I live in an Arab country. Free speech does not exist. Capitalism, I guess, you don't know what that means. Arab countries are not capitalist societies. In majority, they aren't even democratic governments. I wish people would get their facts straight before pulling them out of nowhere, and then after that at least admit to mistakes.

About this Hitler and George Bush comparison that has been drawn. Well, I don't think what GWB has done is that different from Hitler. Sure he didn't have the trains and gas houses and 12 million people, but GWB has destroyed the economies of two countrys to find 2 people, one of which eventually turned up. However, have any WMD's turned up in Iraq? No. Clinton took em all. 70 hours I'm told, in 1998.
USA helped the Taliban, with which they blew up the WTC and half the pentagon. Do you know why Taliban did that?

I tell you what. Educate yourself. Watch Bowling For Columbine. Around halfway through that movie is this timeline of events by the US government. I found that particularly interesting.
However, true freedom of speech doesn't exist, maybe the movie association banned it. Teh.

Its aetherFox. Not hard. It's written slightly to the left of all my posts. And when you quote. Like magic.

death penalty - KiZ - 02-22-2004

Quote:Nazis were FAR different. I suggest doing some research before making such outlandish claims.

Uh, not really. Saddam Loyalists are people who used to regularly torture and exectute people just for speaking out against Saddams regime. Now that is just like the Nazi party back in WWII, who did exactly the same to people who spoke out against Hitler.

Quote:Sure, I trust a poll put forth by the US government.
As far as I understand, it wasnt done by the American Government.

Quote:Uh huh. Again, you're being fed what you want to hear. And you're believing it. Try actually talking to a few someday. Might paint a VASTLY different picture. Conduct your own poll on just how many Iraqis applauded the invasion.
For all the pictures of GB there were burned, there were also pictures of Saddam being burned, or hit with shoes (Which is a serious insult in Iraq). Just because you seem to think that the Iraqis hate the US, that doesnt mean that there arent Iraqis who have thankfulness to the Coalition and for removing Saddam from power, because he tortured and murdered their families.

death penalty - Z!re - 02-22-2004

Quote:Its aetherFox. Not hard. It's written slightly to the left of all my posts. And when you quote. Like magic.
... Owned, it's aetherfox <--- LOL :rotfl:

It almost sound like you actually beleive that the US has the intention to rid Iraq of an evil presence?, and in a way you are right, it's just that... the evil presence... it's not named Saddam... it's named... oil... and profit...

Just take a look at what companies has been given contracts to rebuild the country once the war is won (ignore the fact tha GWB claims it to already be won), dont fool yourself into thinking that there is a single non US or US affiliated country.

Sure, great work of ridding the world of this evil man (Saddam), but it was done on the wrong basis.

Here's a verynice story about the Iraqi war: The Boy Who Cried Iraq

death penalty - adosorken - 02-22-2004

Show some legitimate proof of this "torture and murder of families". Also, show some legitimate proof of these "Saddam loyalists" doing the same thing that members of the Nazi military did (note: German citizens made up a small percentage of the 12 million, for your information). Although there are those in Iraq which welcomed the US forces, most did not and almost all of them want the US's big wide ass out of their country. There's always going to be people on both sides of the fence. And no...you don't see the same things I do. I don't limit my information to one or two sources...I get my information from myriads of sources. I refuse to be among the ignorant masses who believe the horseshyte they're told to believe.

death penalty - aetherfox - 02-22-2004

Oh sheeit....

That's mighty inconvenient. Argh.


Well that was before I changed the capitalisation when I met another aetherFox.

Damn haha.

Well, apologies. But all you guys do AetherFox anyway.

Check my sig then.

Of course America took Iraq over for oil. They just wanted the coalition because I guess American army troops aren't that spectacular, since during the war more British soldiers will killed as a result of Americans rather than Iraqis. Tragic.

America changed the name of French Fries to Freedom Fries and French Toast to Liberty Toast. What the fucks going to happen when somebody sees the Made In France label stuck at the bottom of The Statue Of Liberty? What, does GWB think it was made in China? He is a hypocrite. I guess I can give Hitler that much, as far as I know, he gave his country what he could...and he wasn't a hypocrite. The current US economy is a classic example. It's doing really bad, and GWB is keeping it that way so that people are happy as they have more money, and they might vote for him. If he gets it, then lo behold they will be crappy again, the consumption in the economy will become the opportunity cost to the health of the economy, and he can say, "I had to do it". If he doesn't win, he can just say "Oh I tried my best, but it's out of my hands now."

death penalty - KiZ - 02-22-2004

aetherfox Wrote:Its aetherFox. Not hard. It's written slightly to the left of all my posts. And when you quote. Like magic.
... Owned, it's aetherfox <--- LOL :rotfl:

haha LOL!!! :rotfl:
talk about irony =P

Quote:Show some legitimate proof of this "torture and murder of families"
I saw a documentary of Iraqis telling british reporters about the horrors they went through, showing them inside the now bombed out Iraqi secret police headquarters, where they were strung up with electrical cord, and beaten. That is torture. I also saw a documentary, called Horizons, which is a program which takes very large risks to film its documentries, showing where people had been taken to be publicly executed by these "secret police" people. (Saddam loyalists)

And dont tell me that is BS fed by the US government. Because it is NOT!!!

Now I do not wish to get on the wrong side of you, Ado, so i may just leave this here.

death penalty - adosorken - 02-22-2004

I still call them French Fries and French Toast, and anyone who says either Freedom Fries or Liberty Toast gets a cold hard slap across the face. There is no excuse for ignorance. :x :normal: :evil:

DP: show some weblinks, or something more concrete than "I saw it on TV". I could easily say I watched a documentary called Josephat's Revenge and have it be all about some right-wing militant group trying to overtake New Jersey. Doesn't mean much.

death penalty - PlayGGY - 02-22-2004

Quote:DP: show some weblinks, or something more concrete than "I saw it on TV". I could easily say I watched a documentary called Josephat's Revenge and have it be all about some right-wing militant group trying to overtake New Jersey. Doesn't mean much.

So, are you seriously saying that Saddam didn't torture people and fill mass graves? You are the first person, even from Europe, that I have ever heard say that.

Well, Mr. European here is some proof:





death penalty - KiZ - 02-22-2004

Thankyou PlayGGY! At least someone supports my view on this whole thing.

Ado: There ya go. Proof.

death penalty - adosorken - 02-22-2004

At last, someone has the cojones to get off their butt and do some research. :o It's about freakin' time. Only problem is that these are from US and British sources...the #1 and #2 in the "Coalition". How about some sources from other countries? Big Grin

And I'm not from Europe. Your geography is horribly skewed. Horribly. Puerto Rico is in the Carribean...that's the OTHER side of the Atlantic. Tongue