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DeathZone Art - BlueSckR - 10-13-2002

I promised to post some art of my latest project, DeathZone...well, here you go:

[Image: upload.gif] ...more to come...
ahem, critique`???


btw: the pixelchick is made with Deluxe Paint 2E....my first try and i really luv this prog!!!

DeathZone Art - na_th_an - 10-13-2002

I told you. And when you learn how to use antialias, translucency and some tricks I have when drawing tiles, you will really love it.

Some easy hints:

Use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 to zoom. 1 is 100%, 2 is 200% and so. I use '4' for drawing tiles.

In zoom mode you can move the 'camera' (zoomed section) using cursor keys. This is *really* handy.

F9 turns on/off menues and F10 turns on/off the tool set, so you can draw everywhere.

ALT+O turns on an indicator which shows you the mouse coordinates. When you are drawing a line or a box, the numbers shown are its measurements, so it is very helpful when drawing a 16x16 box for a tile Tongue (if ALT+O doesn't work for you, then you have a version older than mine. Use an option in "Misc" menu).

U is Undo.

Maybe I write a short tut about how I draw tiles using DP2e (mine is Build 3).

.... - BlueSckR - 10-13-2002

heh, thanx... I already figured out how to use the cursor keys, but i wonder how to resize a picture. :???:
anyways, kickass program! community, go and get it!

DeathZone Art - na_th_an - 10-13-2002

Resize: First make a selection then use (I think) SHIFT+Z. If it doesn't work, you have an option inside a menu.

When selecting something, if you do it with the right mouse button instead of the left one, you'll delete the selected zone with the back colour. Also, you probably had noticed that when you select something it takes the back colour as "transparent".

When you have made a selection (you have your selection in your mouse position) you can use X or Y to flip horizontally or vertically, and Z to rotate it clock-wise.

Definitely, I'll write a tut.

... - BlueSckR - 10-13-2002

heh, the selections aren't the real problem. i just wanted to know
if you can make a new page with eg. size=320x200 Pixel.
anyways, thank you very much...can't wait for the tut!

DeathZone Art - na_th_an - 10-13-2002

I'll write it this week Smile

... - BlueSckR - 10-14-2002

heh, cool.

well, here is some ingame pixelart:

[Image: dz1.gif]
This map is randomly generated....

[Image: dz2.gif]
Here we got a base of the player...small base...

yep, the terain is semi-3d, meaning that there are 8 levels and
the DeathZone Pool level.
The Necromancers can jump from one level up to another, but they
can't take more than one level at once.
With Terain-Deforming spells you can transform the landscape
to walls, which can only be passed by destroying or flying over them.

...i hope to finish a first demo soon...bye..oh, and c&c please!

DeathZone Art - na_th_an - 10-18-2002

Oh, it looks very promising...

But I have a little advice: Don't release any demoes. Wait until you have finished the whole thing. It will have a bigger impact. Trust me.

DeathZone Art - BlueSckR - 10-18-2002

heh, you are right...i'll try to hold it back until the release date!!!

DeathZone Art - Jocke The Beast - 11-06-2002

Marius: Those screenshots looks amazing! I'm very impressed Big Grin But why have this project totaly passed by me without me noticing ? It looks like a very cool game and after seeing your skills with BlueRpg (Demo),DW2:Remake and the mini-rpg (Ninja Rabbit ?) I will expect alot from this one. Please keep me (us) posted about the game. Any information you can share now? Anything at all? Please :lol: :lol: