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Update the board - Hard Rock - 12-22-2004

With the webworm running around, and this site still at 2.0.6 i think its best to update the forum, especially since weve already been hacked and the data lost once before. It would suck to happen again.

Update the board - zshzn - 12-23-2004

He is right. This isn't just a very unlikely chance of happening, it is very real. I personally have seen it happen to several sites in the last few days. It finds vulnerable sites via Google search. And this board is one of the first results for anything referring to qb.

By the way, if this board doesn't get upgraded and doesn't get defaced, the running joke will be because nobody searches google for qbasic :rotfl:

Update the board - Sterling Christensen - 12-23-2004

EWeek headline: Google Nukes Santy Worm, But Threat Remains [my emphasis]

Google may have reduced the risk for now, but it would still be a very, very good idea to update the forum.

Update the board - wildcard - 12-23-2004

Thanks for the warning, but its only the version number than is not updated. I'll fix that now.