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New forum style - wildcard - 04-01-2003

I think(and hope) that this style fits a bit more closer with the new qbasicnews.com main page. There are a few graphics that I think don't fit, such as the new messages type buttons. I am trying to work on them, but not having a graphics program makes it a bit hard. You can still change back to the old stlye by using the Profile option at the top.

New forum style - ak00ma - 04-01-2003

Hey, this looks awesome...I think it fits into the design of the main page.

One question:

Did you this template by yourself or is this template one of those you can download from http://www.phpbb.com?

New forum style - Fling-master - 04-01-2003

One thing... I didn't even notice that you had put up a new style until I read this post. Many other people probably won't realize it either since they still probably have their profiles set to subSilver.

Of course, you probably don't want to get rid of subSilver until this style is done anyway... I'll just shut up now...


New forum style - wildcard - 04-01-2003

ak00ma: I it at http://phpbb2-users.de and downloaded it from the authors homepage.

fling-master: Yeah I know, I was tempted to use the override but then people who want to use subsilver can't. I also want to get rid of some of the graphics, or change them.

New forum style - Hard Rock - 04-01-2003

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Weve been saved!

Go wildcard!

New forum style - Agamemnus - 04-01-2003

heh, I was relieved that it came back to subsilver after I signed in. Plz don't remove it! Smile

New forum style - Rokkuman - 04-01-2003

Well, I like this style. You shouldn't just get rid of SubSilver, but make it default so new users get this one.

New forum style - red_Marvin - 04-01-2003

Sooo cool! :red_marvin:

New forum style - na_th_an - 04-01-2003

This one rocks!!! IT ROCKS!!!
OH MY GOD! I've been saved of SUBSILVER!
I was SICK of finding it in *almost every* PHPBB2 forum in the net
Nice work.

New forum style - pr0gger - 04-01-2003


*shakes head*

*blink blink*

It looks the same on my computer Sad