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Cooking page - Diroga - 01-02-2005

i was thinking would it not be nice to hav e a QB cooking page? all of our favorite recipise and fun foods? i think so

Cooking page - Sterling Christensen - 01-02-2005

Quote:4 cup IF blocks
1 cup indented SELECT CASEs
2 teaspoons PRINT
4 tablespoons arrays
and a dash of comments

mix ingredients well and stir
spoon on to SUB or FUNCTION baking pans in heaping tablespoon sized chunks
debug for 16 minutes
Mmmm, mmm, just like mom used to make!

Cooking page - TheBigBasicQ - 01-02-2005

This is waaay off subject :evil:

Cooking page - Z!re - 01-03-2005

No it's not, you're just jealous that you didnt think of it first. Tongue :evil:

Cooking page - Mech1031 - 01-03-2005

Quote:This is waaay off subject :evil:

actually, he 'created' the subject, so it is on subject. however i don't find a cooking page to be that great of an idea. thats why there are cooking websites, so you don't end up with a Programming/Cooking website.