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FAQ issues ... - na_th_an - 04-03-2003

Just to know your opinion... Wouldn't it be better if we organised the faq in sections? Y'know, I've seen the reboot link in there and I think it would have been better to create a "miscellaneous" section and stick it into. As I said, I'd vote to create sections covering GFX, Video, Timers, Compiler Issues and the like.

What do you think?

FAQ issues ... - ak00ma - 04-03-2003

Yeah, I think this would be times better, because then it's more organized....and you can find things faster

Re: FAQ issues ... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 04-03-2003

Quote: Wouldn't it be better if we organised the faq in sections?

er... are you talking about the "new" FAQ system? As long as it stays being a limited WIKI system and the thing is functional... I have no complains at all. :roll:

But I think that -as always- the last word belongs to Mr. wildcard, the site admin.

FAQ issues ... - na_th_an - 04-03-2003

Cool - I created some categories a bit ago.. Do you people like them?

FAQ issues ... - wildcard - 04-03-2003

Quote:Cool - I created some categories a bit ago.. Do you people like them?

Yes looks great. Its nice and organised now. Now I need to either add FAQ next to QBOHO or change the FAQ next to search.. or both ;-)

FAQ issues ... - na_th_an - 04-03-2003

I would only add it after QBOHO and not replace the FAQ next to the search... It seems a good place we could send newcomers to have them posting properly Wink

FAQ issues ... - wildcard - 04-03-2003

Thats a good idea. I defintely need to edit the forum FAQ so its not so boring and more useful and so that I don't need to have a forum rules guidelines everywhere ;-)

FAQ issues ... - ak00ma - 04-04-2003

If I wanted to post some code into the FAQ, what would I have to do???

FAQ issues ... - toonski84 - 04-04-2003

someone probably already asked this... but why do i need a password to look at half the topics?

FAQ issues ... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 04-04-2003

Noticed the (?) attached to a link? This means that that keyword doesn't exist into the database, thus if you click on one of these, the WIKI will try to create a new topic based on that keyword. And since to create new pages requires a password to work... well, you understand now.

I know that using the "401-authentication needed" system somewhat break the rules behind a true WIKI, but we've already discussed that here: http://forum.qbasicnews.com/viewtopic.php?t=1049&start=20 (remove the "start" parameter to see the full topic)

And now that I've thinking the concept behind this, it looks more like an useful code collection than a true FAQ. But... hey! It might work! [Image: xyxthumbs.gif]

Ak00ma: PM wildcard for authorization.