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New Inspiration release - wallace - 01-19-2005

I have released another pre-alpha demo of Inspiration. The first demo was just a large open area, this one has a whole bunch of rooms and makes much more use of the lighting engine. You will know what I mean when you walk in and out of a few of them. I have fixed some of the bugs in the first release including the hard-coded paths. Inspiration now uses relative paths.

You can download it here:

and please tell me what you think at:

New Inspiration release - Pyrodap - 01-19-2005

hey this is great! it deserves more attention than it's getting

New Inspiration release - adosorken - 01-19-2005

It should be ported to FB. Then it would really fly. Big Grin It's a great engine but needs a powerful computer to get a decent framerate. Also, wallace...are you going to release sourcecode for this?

New Inspiration release - na_th_an - 01-19-2005

Releasing source code should be obligued by some law Tongue

Yeah, do port it to FB, so people can actually play it. Less than 0.2% of PC users can run MSDOS programs that make heavy use of memory and lo-level stuff flawlessly.

New Inspiration release - Pete - 01-19-2005

In QB Express Issue #5:

"Inspiration I hope to have finished by May, Contact 2 about a month later. Inspiration will become open source 10 days after Contact 2 comes out." -- Wallace

New Inspiration release - na_th_an - 01-19-2005

Awesome Smile

The engine pictures quite good. I had some issues running it, but it looks tight and well featured.

And, alas, the paths problem got fixed Wink (that was what prevented me to play it the last time Wallace posted about a pre-alpha release).

New Inspiration release - adosorken - 01-19-2005

It ran great on my computer (AMD XP 2000+ running Windows XP Select Edition) but as you can see, my computer isn't exactly old, so... Wink I can imagine the choking it'd do on a P233 Wink

New Inspiration release - Z!re - 01-20-2005

Ran great on 850MHz Win98

Looks good too =)

New Inspiration release - wallace - 01-20-2005

That's great that it worked so well. I will think about porting it to Freebasic once it is finished, Java too. (I hate java, but I have to do a project for my computer science class and it should be pretty easy)