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Add a link - Mac - 01-20-2005


If you go there and click on Links and Downloads, you will find a link to QBasic News.

How about a reference in your link list?

Thanks - Mac

Add a link - Z!re - 01-20-2005

I suggest you dont.

The network54 forum is elitist, and most people there only seem to visit so they can flame new people.

There is a discussion going on over there about it. But I doubt it'll make any difference.

Add a link - Fling-master - 01-21-2005

Weren't you the same guy who told SJ Zero to not post about QBXL anymore on that forum of yours?


Also I kind of agree with Z!re about the elitist stuff.

I don't think so - Mac - 01-21-2005

I did a GOOGLE search to find "SJ Zero" posts. I found 5, but there were no replies, so evidently you are thinking of some other forum.

I remember no incident of "telling someone not to post", but if you can find any, I would be glad to respond.

Our forum is fairly open, so people do stuff. Evidently Z!re thinks there is some eliteism going on. No such thing that I know about. People come there and paste stuff. What's so elete about that?

I am baffled by the rage of Z!re's posts and simply don't know what to say.


Add a link - shiftLynx - 01-21-2005


Add a link - Sterling Christensen - 01-21-2005

"that forum of yours" might mean the one at freebasic.tk

Add a link - whitetiger0990 - 01-21-2005

Your forum isn't dark colored.... I don't like it -_-;;

Add a link - Z!re - 01-21-2005

I quote, seeing as some people can't access QBXL:
Quote:Subject: Please refrain from posting on the Qbasic forum
I allowed your SPAM post to remain on the forum as it was new information and of possible interest to older regulars.

However, for the most part, the regulars are dignified people who have no use for an R-rated forum and our main clientele is "newbies", people of age 12-15 who are trying to learn about programming.

If you examine the contenet of the 800 pages of the forum, you will see that it consists of questions about the capabilities of QBasic and attempts to answer these questions, with occational lapses into flaming, etc.

Thank you,

Mac (QBasic forum owner)
Quote:Subject: You sir, are an idiot.
There really is no other word for that. I can't *believe* that you actually own that forum.

Quote:Subject: Who are you? [Edit, refering to Mac]
Who are you to judge who is dignified or not? And who are you to judge who should see this magazine or not? I think the people of qbasic.com are able to judge for themselves, they don't need a babysitter. And "clientele" is a really interesting word used in this context...generally speaking, a client is one who pays for services...I don't see anyone paying to use qbasic.com. And it's not SPAM, it's PROMOTION OF A USEFUL QB RESOURCE, or do you think that qbasic.com is the only useful QB resource out there or something?

If you examine the content of QBXL Issue #2, you will find a lot of useful information regarding QB programming, as well as entertaining insight and off-the-wall satirical reviews. No harm is being done to anyone, so you have no real reason to be complaining.

Don't make me mad. I'm really nasty when I'm mad. Smile

Quote:Subject: motion carried. all those in favor?

Quote:Subject: I second that. Smile

Quote:Subject: Take Cover! Nek is getting mad! :wink:
I'm not surprised you don't remember Mac, you probably didnt even care to check back, you got the last word in your eyes, you're elite now, yu got to tell someone off. Yay, good days work.

And freebasic.tk has nothing to do with this, not that i know anyways?

Anyways, I guess QB Express is spam too... to bad pete, pack up and leave, we don't want your spam.. oh wait!...


Or might it be that SJ Zero wasnt cool enough?, what, didnt he flame enough n00bs? or he simply didnt pass your 1337 tests?

Mac, how old are you?, You act like a power mad 12yr old AOL idiot who just got the admin password by some silly misstake. Which is how I will threat you unless you prove me wrong. (In my perception of you that is)

re: Please refrain from posting on the Qbasic forum - Mac - 01-21-2005

Hmm, that seems familiar. I'm sure I posted it, but I can't find that post anywhere. Could you give me the URL so I can find it and perhaps see the context?



P.S. To whoever asked: I am 68 years old. I have been programminng professionally since 1958, but am retired now. I "own" the qbasic forum merely to pay network54 a fee so we don't get advertisements.

Sorry, but I come from a generation where one uses polite language in the presence of young people, even though, having been young myself, I remember we used MUCH worse language when our parents and teachers were not around. Still I was brainwashed to not publicly display wanton bad manners or language.

As I remember, someone posted some notification of a site where page one announced that bad language was acceptable and good. I saw no reason for promoting that. However, note that the spam was not removed. I just asked for the decency to quit doing it.

If that means everyone in the world hates me, too bad.


Add a link - Z!re - 01-21-2005

The URL is at the top of my post.. it's the blue thingy...