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JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 01-29-2005

As many of you may have experienced, JacobPalm.dk didn't use to be firefox compatible. Well, now it is! The site has undergone some major redesign to.


JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 01-29-2005

By the way, the QBasic contents have not been uploaded yet. But they'll come.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - Oz - 01-29-2005

I'm not too bad with reading french, but perhaps having a traslator


JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 01-29-2005

The french text on the site is just used as a "placeholder" while I build the site. When I'm done, it'll be removed.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 02-05-2005

The site itself is finished, and the french text is translated to english. I'll now focus on the contents.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - TheBigBasicQ - 02-05-2005

The site is VERY slow and I am not even on broadband Sad

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 02-20-2005

Membership is no longer required at JacobPalm.dk. I found it to be kind of stupid that visistors had to become members to post news, suggest links etc.
Also, 17 reviews of QBasic GUIs have been added. Also, the download section has updated with 20 QBasic GUIs.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 03-02-2005

2 tutorials have been added, and I'm writing the third at the moment. Just thought I'd let you know.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - The walrus - 03-16-2005

Some more GUI's have been uploaded, the GUI counter now reads 24.
The poll has been closed, the winning GUI was Rush with 33.3 percent of the votes.
Also, the downloads section was removed. Instead, each review now has a link to a local download.

JacobPalm.dk rebuild - TheBigBasicQ - 03-16-2005

Very nice redesign! I liked the site. But I recommend adding bigger screenshots( atleast 800x600 ).