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FBIde v0.33 released - wildcard - 02-26-2005

VonGodric has released v0.33 of FBIde, a development editor for FreeBasic. It can be downloaded at http://www.hot.ee/fbide/.

FBIde v0.33 released - Rokkuman - 02-27-2005

Cool. I'm gonna download it now and check it out. Smile

FBIde v0.33 released - VonGodric - 02-27-2005

Sry about inconvinience, but nevest version is 0.3.3a, but it comes only in a package with FBC0.11

I lost the sources accidentally of 0.3.3.a so sry I can't right now make a package of this version alone. It has several minor fixes and I'd say worth the shot.