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Dynamic Signature Images - TheBigBasicQ - 03-10-2005

ok, everyone has their own opinion. You think its a waste of space. But I dont agree with you. As I have stated earlier, you're free to block that server.

Dynamic Signature Images - HQSneaker - 03-10-2005

Ok. If you decide to keep it, could you please change the friggin' bg?

Dynamic Signature Images - Zap - 03-10-2005

I dont really have a problem with it - and I'd just ignore it if I had.

Tho, I find it kinda hilarious that it tells me where Im from :roll:

"OMG! I can't remember where I AM!"
"Chill, just check TBBQ's signature..."


Dynamic Signature Images - Rattrapmax6 - 03-10-2005

Smile What, TBBQ's sig is saying where I'm from when I read it, and for the others where there from?? Those numbers arn't Lat'n'Long are they? that be creepy... :wink: .. heh, and I thought he was from the US, oh well..

Dynamic Signature Images - KiZ - 03-10-2005

Quote:No need to act clever, or sarcastic, DP. Because when I start, everyone bitches.

Im just fed up with someone always bitching about something

Quote:My browser clears my cache each session.

Why? Unless you are using a shared or public computer, that seems rather uneccesary

Quote:And, you also validated my point about the dynamic php images, which are updated each time. Waste of bandwidth.
Yep, I did that on purpose.

Dynamic Signature Images - Sterling Christensen - 03-10-2005

Quote:P.S.: For those math freaks, my sig is 17.26KB and it will take aproximately 2-3 seconds to load for a 56Ker :)
Wow, I thought PNG compression was better than that. An uncompressed true color bitmap at that size would be about 23KB. To 17KB from there is only about a 26% reduction in size.

17KB is kinda big for an image that small.

Dynamic Signature Images - Fling-master - 03-10-2005

I agree with dark_prevail... this constant bitching about silly things like this is getting really old.

Dynamic Signature Images - adosorken - 03-10-2005

I have nothing against dynamic signatures and I think that constant petty bitching is annoying. However, I think TBBQ's signature, along with all the others like it, is stupid and moronic. The problem is that although sure, it's stupid and moronic, but it simply reflects the nature of the person using it. So if anything, it should stay "legal" as a sign of who's a "l33t phr33k" skript-kiddie and who's a sensible, intelligent forum member.

Dynamic Signature Images - Mitthrawnuruodo - 03-10-2005

Well, I had more words to say....But I think adosorken took them right out of my mouth...er...fingers.... :lol:

But there's that no complaining part about sigs, IT NEEDS TO BE CAMPLAINED ABOUT again AND again until it is done. And if people don't want to see this complaining don't veiw this post which this post was made for.

Rattra, I'm sorry but you didn't know that it does it from where the computer you are viewing from is what is shown on the pic!?!?! heh...don't worry we all have had to learn everything we know at sometime.... Big Grin

Dynamic Signature Images - Mech1031 - 03-10-2005

this is gonna sound kind of ironic in this thread but, mind your own damn buisness. if you don't like it, tuff-shit, you can leave.