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Deleting your topic? - j2krei08 - 03-10-2005

I want to delete a dead topic I wrote, but it doesn't say where (or if for that matter) I go to delete it. Is it possible :???:

:wink: :rotfl: :bounce: :oops: :barf: :wink: :rotfl: :bounce: :oops: :barf:

Deleting your topic? - KiZ - 03-10-2005

OMG PLEASE stop putting those damn smilies after EVERY post you make!!!!!!!!11

Deleting your topic? - na_th_an - 03-10-2005

Agreed 100% with DP.

To answer: you can't, unless your post hasn't been replied.

Deleting your topic? - TheBigBasicQ - 03-10-2005

Nathan, can we delete an entire thread if its empty? I dont think so. Only mods/admins can do that. We can only delete topics which havent been replied to.

Deleting your topic? - KiZ - 03-10-2005

nope, we can delete a thread tbbq.

Deleting your topic? - na_th_an - 03-10-2005

Exactly. The rule is easy: you can delete your own posts as long as there aren't any other posts after yours, no matter if they are starting a thread or in the middle of one. If your post is the first one in a thread, the thread is deleted.

Deleting your topic? - Mitthrawnuruodo - 03-10-2005

Ya they're right, I figured that out a while ago, if your the last one to post in the thread you can delete your post, if there are no posts there is no thread, else you can only edit.

My suggestion:

Ask one of the moderators or admins to LOCK the thread.

Deleting your topic? - Rattrapmax6 - 03-17-2005

Smile I put two large post back to back by accident one time,. after DP complained I moved my last post into the first and left this message:

|----Post Deleted, Orignal message now in the post obove<-------|

One of the mods just knocked it off,.. or something did.. Smile

Deleting your topic? - KiZ - 03-17-2005

Lol, Rattrap, i didnt understand anything you meant there Smile

Deleting your topic? - TheBigBasicQ - 03-18-2005

DP, rattrap accidentally made two posts. After you complained he merged both of them. Now that one of them was rendered redundant he replaced it with a message "deleted". And prolly some mod/admin deleted his post Wink