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QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Pete - 04-14-2005


QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Josiah Tobin - 04-14-2005

Quote:The new V Planet, which should arrive in a few more days, has a seperate section designed just for text adventure games. It uses a revised review system so there's no point loss for lack of graphics or sound.
Heh, awesome-- Maybe I'll finally have a chance at getting one of my games reviewed then. :lol:

EDIT: Pete: There's a couple ideas for articles I've had for awhile now, but I dunno if I can get them done in time. I'm gonna try, though.

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Lachie Dazdarian - 04-14-2005

The point is that you can send any kind of review to QB Express and develop any kind of rating system you want. I'm using VPlanet's because I like it. It covers all the game's aspects. Still, I would never used it to review a text game. Anyway, I'm planing to write few articles about couple of unknown QB games(still not sure about the section title; yes it will be a series of article) and the articles won't be based on scoring at all.

Games you people can review:
Squealer TNT
TerraScape(THIS ONE IS MINE!!!)

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Pete - 04-16-2005

Deadline Extended Until April 22nd!

Hey everyone. The number of submissions this month were a lot fewer than expected, and I am also extremely busy this weekend, so I have opted to extend the deadline for QB Express #9 for one week.

That means if you were planning on writing an article but ran out of time, you now have the time to do it! And people that said they were going to send in articles: you now have another seven days to get stuff together.

And as always, I'm still looking for an original QB / FB game to feature in this month's GALLERY. So if you've got something, let me know.

And one last thing: make sure you check out the games submitted for Nekrophidius's Space Invaders challenge, which will be featured in QB Express. After you've tried the games, please vote in the poll so we can choose a winner! The more votes, the merrier! You can check it out at the official Space Invaders Competition thread! (Voting should begin shortly).

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Radical Raccoon - 04-29-2005

Is there going to be an April issue?

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Z!re - 04-29-2005

Petes having a lot of stuff to do.

He said it should out be the 30th..

So, between now and the 5th is a good estimate Tongue

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - anarky - 04-29-2005

Wait til you all read my article. You'd be surprised what I can dig up. Smile

>anarky - Has no shovel or spade. He has an excavator.

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - E.K.Virtanen - 05-11-2005

Its there :bounce:

Issue #9

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Pete - 05-11-2005

Why haven't any mods approved my news post about Issue #9 yet?

Come on guys, get to it!

QB Express Issue #8 Now Available - Blitz - 05-12-2005

"Writing A Simple BASIC Interpreter: Lesson #1" is a joke right? Smile