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QBasic GUI Reviews - tlsuess - 03-28-2005

I have opened up a new portion of my web site that is dedicated to GUI reviews. I have many new GUIs available with their screenshots on this web site: http://qbasicgui.us.tt/. This has many new GUIs and is open to any other reviews of GUIs.

QBasic GUI Reviews - The walrus - 03-31-2005

Hi Todd! It's me, Jacob Palm.

Well, to keep this short: Nice layout, a lot of good reviews. Great site. Keep up the good work!

Hi Jacob! - tlsuess - 03-31-2005

Hi Jacob!

It's me Todd! Thanks for the comments. Smile I got a message from "The Car" at QB45.com who said that when reviewing the GUIs to put whether it was ABANDONED, IN PROGRESS, ETC. I thought I'd tell you so maybe you can put that up under your GUI reviews.

Oh, and do you have like a JacobPalm.dk button? Like a little picture around 110x30 that can be used as a link. Because, I'd like to know if you have one so I can put you in on my web site as a link. Well, you could call it an advertisement. :wink: I'll see if I can put it in somewhere on my web site, like the front home page or something.

Talk to you later.

Todd Big Grin

QBasic GUI Reviews - The walrus - 03-31-2005

Hi Todd!

That thing about writing the GUI's status on the reviews is actually a very good idea. I'll do it once I find the time to do it. Thanks Smile

I've made a small button you can put on your website. Here's a link to it: http://www.jacobpalm.dk/img/button2.gif
If you have a button, I'd be more than happy to place it on my site. I can put in a box or something, so that it will appear on every site.

Well, talk to you later.


Other Gui - biskbart - 04-06-2005

A new Gui for you !!!!

Thanks - tlsuess - 04-06-2005

Thanks biskbart! I'll review the GUI and put it up as soon as possible. It might be a day or so, before I can get it up, but I'll get it up soon.

Todd Big Grin

QBasic GUI Reviews - VonGodric - 04-07-2005

nice -would you like tp put there review of wizgui 2?
www.hot.ee/wizgui -the links on that site are broken but if you are interested let me know and I'll send the stuff to you or smth :wink:

QBasic GUI Reviews - tlsuess - 04-08-2005

Sure, I'll review WizGui 2. Just let me see the GUI and I'll take a screenshot and put a download and review on the site.

Todd Big Grin