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New FB IDE - Roland - 03-30-2005

I have programmed a nice small editor which now supports FreeBasic directly (before it was made for PowerBasic only). The editor's name is simply "BE" (BasicEditor).

Here is the offical homepage:
http://www.rowalt.de/pc/ (Go to PowerBasic/FreeBasic there)

I hope You like the IDE. It supports function/sub/macro toggling to single lines, syntax coloring, auto case correction, can export the listing as RTF file, can directly cooperate with a resource editor and so on.

New FB IDE - PeterHarder - 04-01-2005

It looks like if the headline "PowerBasic/FreeBasic" is in the wrong tree, click at the last link named "Tools" in the page.

Anyway, the editor is really great! I like the function "folding subs/functions to one line", just using the keys "F11" and "F12"! Smile

And the "AutoMixedCase"-Function for API and Basic-Commands!

Kind regards from Germany


New FB IDE - barok - 04-02-2005

Nice little program. Yeah, the sub folder is quite nice... makes cleaner code when your looking at a program you haven't touched for months. Smile

Actually, there are a few things i'm looking forward to.

1. FIDO, nek.
2. FBXL, nek
3. FB IDE, Von
4. FB IDE, mystikshadows
5. port of rellib Wink

New FB IDE - Anonymous - 04-10-2005

just wanted to say this IDE rules... its all i use now.


New FB IDE - aetherfox - 04-10-2005

Some spelling errors (indent, not indend), but I like it. It's simple and effective, and it has block comment, something that I missed in FBIDE.

New FB IDE - E.K.Virtanen - 04-18-2005

Looks nice IDE. Ill use it Smile

New FB IDE - thegrogen - 04-18-2005

Yeah, really nice! I like it because it automatically capitalizes my code along with syntax highlights (kinda like VB does).

New FB IDE - Dean - 04-18-2005

Roland, Nice!

How about adding a split window option for subs and functions
like in QB/PDS -- Where you hide the subs and functions from the
main code and then you select them separately from a View menu
when you want to view them.

That always made the code a little neater looking and easier to read.