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Happy Birthday Contact! - wallace - 04-22-2005

Contact was released exactly one year ago. To celebrate the game's birthday I have released a new DEMO of the Inspiration engine that will be used to make Contact's sequel. The demo is full of functions that have never been seen before, not even in my screenshots. There is a readme with in the .zip, please read it before you start the program.


Happy Birthday Contact! - Radical Raccoon - 04-26-2005

Wow! Looks like you got that raycasting stuff down. The field of view feels a little small though. Is it 60 degrees? Games today use 90. That's what I prefer. Maybe an option for it would be cool.

Happy Birthday Contact! - wallace - 04-26-2005

64 degrees, most qb people use that because that makes every five pixels be one degree. I could make it 80 degrees by making every four pixels one degree, but the quality of the graphics would be decreased.

I know that the view field of Qbasic FPS are kind of restricted, but I think that with the use of the radar system and having the HUD see-though that it sort of makes up for it. I may, in the future have an option in Inspiration to make it either 64 or 80 degrees

Happy Birthday Contact! - Radical Raccoon - 04-26-2005

I don't see how raising the FOV would decrease the graphics. Sure, you see more on the screen, but I think it's a good exchange so you don't feel like you're looking through a toilet paper roll. Why does it have to be locked to 64 or 80? Is that an engine limit, or a personal preference?

Happy Birthday Contact! - Z!re - 04-26-2005

I would really like mouse control, for looking around/steering..

And WASD for moving..

Even better, implement customizable controlls.. now Big Grin

Happy Birthday Contact! - wallace - 04-26-2005

mouse control will be added, for steering, looking, and shooting as well (left click for left weapon, right click for right weapon)

The engine will have to be locked. Having one degree at 5 pixels makes the whole world 1800, having one degree 4 pixels will make it 1440, they will require two seperate trig look-up tables.
It will decrease the graphics quality because what was originally five pixels will be squished down to four. I probably will add a function to switch between them though, that was a good idea.

Happy Birthday Contact! - wallace - 04-26-2005

Inspiration's controls (and Contact 2's) will be completely customizable, the way it is right now will just be the default for the demo.

Happy Birthday Contact! - The walrus - 04-27-2005

Looking good! I'm looking forward to seeing the final version Smile