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QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-01-2005

The May issue of QB Express is now available!

This issue is the largest ever, with NINE original tutorials and nearly 300KB of text alone. We fill you in on all the latest Qmunity news (and boy, is there ever news this month), and keep you entertained with a wide variety of editorials, game reviews, previews and opinion pieces.

This month's tutorials include Chapter 5 of Na_th_an's IF Games series; a tutorial on FB Variables and Var Initializers by VonGodric; "The Art of Data Validation" by MystikShadows; Part 2 of Vincent Peters' Simple BASIC Interpreter series; "Proper Error Management in FreeBasic" by MystikShadows; an Artificial Intelligence tutorial by Robert Hambly; Chapter 1 of Na_th_an's new "Coding A Parallax Scrolling Platformer" series; and parts 3 and 4 of Professional and Commercial Application Development by MystikShadows.

Also this month, Adigun A. Polack reviews "Battle Pong" by Lithium, aetherFox writes about Artificial Stupidity, Deleter answers the question "So What The Heck Is Fun Anyways?", DrV gives us a spelling and grammar lesson, and Jacob Palm tells us about QBasic GUI Development. Plus, Jace Masula's ASCIIQUEST is featured in this month's Gallery.

What an issue! Check it out now: QB Express #10.

There is a little typo in your news post, Pete. - Adigun A. Polack - 06-01-2005

To Pete:

There is a little boo-boo that I want to point out to you which was:

Quote:What an issue! Check it out now: QB Express #11.

Actually, it is QB Express #10, man. Issue 11 will not be out until after the deadline of June 15, 2005. Just aiming to help you out well, you know what I mean? Cool

Other than that, another GREAT issue from you, what can I say? d=:king:=b Talk to you later, Pete, and thanks!!


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Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow” ::: Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger” ::: Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”

QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-01-2005

Fixed it. Thanks.

QB Express #10 Released - anarky - 06-02-2005

Great news. I have Issue 11's WATN article ready, although it's not an interview as such. You'll see!

Also there is news from the network, progress on the Legend of Aquarius, and my opinions on some happenings in the community.

How does that sound?


QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-02-2005


Just send your WATN article and any news you want me to publish along when it's ready. (pberg1@gmail.com)

QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-04-2005

Submissions for QB Express #11 are due by


This issue is less than two weeks away, and so far, I've gotten almost nothing for it. So it really is CRUCIAL that you write something!

I'm especially looking for game reviews and tutorials. But any type of submissions will be gladly accepted. If you want to write but need help thinking of a topic, shoot me an email and I'll get you started.

Send all your submissions to: pberg1@gmail.com

QB Express #10 Released - Zero_Divide - 06-05-2005

I will try to prepare Cyclone 2.5 by the due date, you gonna like it .
I Hope Wink

QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-14-2005


QB Express #10 Released - anarky - 06-15-2005

Have I sent mine in yet? Jez, I can't remember. Been so busy.


QB Express #10 Released - Pete - 06-16-2005

Yeah, you sent in three things a while ago.