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New rant at my site - Deleter - 07-30-2005

You can either click on my sig, or go directly from this link to get to my new rant entitled simply "Reality in Games". In this rant, inspired by "The Hidden World of Game Development" by SJ Zero, I discuss the need for reality, and the limits of this need. As always the tone is light but still serious, the content is easy enough to read(except for the stuff that isn't supposed to be Wink) and I end with my email address that no one from the qmunity has ever used Big Grin. Read it now, or wait for it to be released in qbe #13, or don't read it at all Wink. I thank you to all who read it, and commend all who don't for your concern for your mental health (jk). Thats all I have to say about it, so before completely I look like a complete moron, I'll end my post

New rant at my site - MystikShadows - 07-30-2005

Interesting read Deleter. and it makes an interesting follow up to SJ's article. My view of it is to think hollywood here a bit.

If you can convince someone of the reality of the game wihout needing to code this reality, go right ahead as they won't need to know whether it's real or not. :-).

SOme games however, when you tackle bigger projects, might require some more realistic calculations. To me, if you're into gaming, it's nice to know how the AI, the physics game. Even if you don't need it in every project :-).

Sometimes, ok many times, the right sound track or sound effect is all you need to set your game in the mode :-).