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My last QB project - Chaotic Harmony - 11-05-2005

I was looking around some of my old stuff recently, and came across the last thing I ever made in QB. It's the first 15 minutes of a miniRPG I made for Darkdread's pureQB contest in 2002. I never released it because I actually thought I'd lost it. Anyway, maybe it'll be of interest to some people around here, I don't know. Check it out here:

The Guardian

If you want a little more detail about it, you can check out some screenshots on the most recent post at my site, here:


My last QB project - Ryan - 11-06-2005

Neat little battle system you have there. I did get slaughtered by the second spectral form, though. = P I'll try again when I get home. Your page looks nice, too, and I'll definitely have to check out Diver Down. Thanks for posting this!

My last QB project - Jocke The Beast - 11-06-2005

Neat rpg with,and as Ryan stated, a cool battle engine.

Oh, and Ryan: Diver Down is really worth to check out (even though it's a 20MB dl). One of the best freeware rpgs I've came across.

My last QB project - Chaotic Harmony - 11-06-2005

Thanks. Battles get a lot easier when you get used to them Smile

Diver Down is awesome, check it out when you can!

Hey - tannervp - 11-26-2005

:-? :-? For some reason, I get an error saying:

Path not found in module MINIRPGX at address 0B25:6400
Hit any key to return to system

Is this because I'm running QBasic 4.5?

My last QB project - Chaotic Harmony - 11-29-2005

I'm not sure. I wouldn't have expected a path error though, and I coded it in qb45 so there shouldn't be any problems there. It compiles fine on mine...

Does the exe work?

[edit] wait, MiniRPGX? That's really bizarre - just before I put it in the zip file, I renamed the source file from minirpgx.bas to minirpg.bas....