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Additional smileys... - Ninkazu - 05-17-2003


Additional smileys... - oracle - 05-17-2003

I like the electrocuting demon :lol:

Additional smileys... - Jocke The Beast - 05-18-2003

Well, this one is quite cool [Image: samurai.gif]
And this alien-wink is fine too [Image: wink.gif]

lol... - UltimateQB - 05-19-2003

who is judging this competition? :bounce:

Additional smileys... - oracle - 05-19-2003

Me. But everyone has a say.

My favourites are the electrocuting demon, followed by the eternal download.

Anyone beat those? (Bonus marks for matrix smiles!)

Additional smileys... - _Bill_ - 05-24-2003

I like this one [Image: sterb154.gif] and I like this one [Image: sterb278.gif].

Additional smileys... - pr0gger - 05-25-2003

[Image: eat_arrow.gif]


Additional smileys... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 05-25-2003

I think that a good smiley should loop its animation in a seamless way. Like the previous one, for instance.

One of my favorites. Keep walking. [Image: 1drink.gif]

Additional smileys... - pr0gger - 05-25-2003

heh, any good GIF should loop seamlessly, whenever possible Smile

Additional smileys... - UltimateQB - 05-26-2003

definately... I've seen some really good ones, don't know where to find them now though. for some reason I still like this one! :bounce: lol