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QB Express #17 is here! - Pete - 01-14-2006

Issue #17 of QB Express is finally here!

This issue is absolutely teeming with the latest FB and QB news, articles and tutorials. Inside, you'll find extensive previews of Mini Space Rogue by Lachie Dazdarian, the SmithcoSoft Map Editor and Lynn's Legacy by Cha0s and Josiah Tobin; a new section called "Apostrophe: News From The QBasic Forum" by mennonite; a review of Bradley Lanham's Cadisman by MystikShadows; "NPC Bad Guys in the New Age" by Nekrophidius.

This month's tutorials section includes "Dynamic Arrays Inside a Type" by Deleter; "Tree Tutorial, Parts 1 & 2" by Syn9; a Music Tutorial by The Awakened; "Coding Standards, Naming Conventions and Formatting Styles" by MystikShadows; "How To Build a Shell For Qbinux" by Seb McClouth; "A Course in FreeBasic: Chapter 2" by Rattrapmax6; "Programming the Multiprocessing Core for QB 4.5" by Nick Verlinden; "Modular Versus Object Oriented Programming" MystikShadows and "Implementing Line of Sight in Qbasic Games" by Torahteen.

Whew! What an issue! You should check it out right now!

QB Express #17 is here! - red_Marvin - 01-14-2006

If nothing else, this shows that the QB/fB commuity is very much alive.
Good job putting it together as always ^^=b

QB Express #17 is here! - Dav - 01-14-2006

Great issue, Pete! As always they are ... Big Grin

- Dav

PS: And thanks for the plug. Wink


QB Express #17 is here! - marzecTM - 01-14-2006

thanks for making me the programmer of the month. however, yagl is originally coded in c++, the wrapper you can use with FreeBASIC is written in c. the FreeBASIC header is the only thing that is BASIC so i dunno wheter this is accurate for a QBasic/FreeBASIC magazine. I still feel honored though but i guess somebody that has written something in FreeBASIC/QBasic would be more fitting Smile

QB Express #17 is here! - Deleter - 01-14-2006

nice job again. Smile

QB Express #17 is here! - Pete - 01-14-2006

No problem that YAGL's coded in C++... Programmer of the Month goes to the person who made the most significant contribution to the QB / FB community in the past month, and your library is a HUGE contribution. YAGL is going to help more cool games get made in FB in the future...I think that's worthy of programmer of the month.

QB Express #17 is here! - wallace - 01-15-2006

Nice job as always.

QB Express #17 is here! - syn9 - 01-15-2006

i agree with red_marvin. qbe is like the pulse of the community. great job

QB Express #17 is here! - Mr Match - 01-15-2006

Great issue!

QB Express #17 is here! - SJ Zero - 01-16-2006

<sob> Some 48h compo?

At LEAST show a sweetass screenshot of my cool raycaster game! Tongue