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AFlib2 is now delayed... but NOT cancelled! - Adigun A. Polack - 03-04-2006

There is a brief announcement that I have just made today regarding the potential delay of the release date of AFlib2 (which was originally set for Early 2006 as the target date!), due to the fact that the computer in my room area had blown its motherboard off recently. You can find that info beginning at http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/.

And do not worry, AFlib2 will *still* be released, so keep your fingers crossed!!

AFlib2 is now delayed... but NOT cancelled! - Dr_Davenstein - 03-04-2006

Sometimes it's a good thing when your computer blows it's motherboard off. Now you get a better one. Wink

Wise words here, man! - Adigun A. Polack - 03-06-2006

To Dr_Davenstein:

In this case, that is *absolutely* true.... in the long run, that is. Wink=b !

You see, I am currently allowed to use one of the other computers, but mainly from time to time only. BUT, when I do have a newer computer (most likely a used one, as far as I am told) in my room area, I will be back in full swing once more!! Just hang on and see, man. Just you hang on and see. Big Grin !

Be catching you again, and great advice for such a particular case that I am in as this, too!! ^-^

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- Adigun Azikiwe Polack
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