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Forum-wide challenge - thegrogen - 04-19-2006

Alrighty, I'm rather bored, so here's your task:

you must draw (using MS-Paint if necessary) your impression of somebody on the forum.

My idea is to take all of these pictures and compile them into a large bitmap file (similar to
this one, but of the entire QB/FB community) that depicts the community if it were ever to gather together in one place.

Note: it is not necessary for your characters to actually be saying something, but it is encouraged.

Forum-wide challenge - Anonymous - 04-19-2006

[Image: lols.png]

Forum-wide challenge - na_th_an - 04-19-2006

Especify some size limits, at least some proportion limits - i.e. your pictures don't have to be all the same size, but the characters who appear on them must follow a proportion so then the big picture turns out good.

Btw, I loved the PNG you posted and it gave me some ideas to waste time at work when things go slow Big Grin

I'll paint a couple of pics for you later.

Forum-wide challenge - TheDarkJay - 04-19-2006

[Image: f6135741.png]

Forum-wide challenge - Anonymous - 04-19-2006

oh, my god, i thought i was looking in a mirror.

Forum-wide challenge - na_th_an - 04-19-2006

Same here, but then I remembered that I just cut my hair - aw.

Forum-wide challenge - TheDarkJay - 04-19-2006

Not sure who I moddeled this one on, Cha0s, na_th_an or half a dozen other people on this forum:

[Image: 10dfec24.png]

Forum-wide challenge - Z!re - 04-19-2006

[Image: Crazed%20Berzer%20Swede%20Z!re%202.jpg]

Forum-wide challenge - na_th_an - 04-19-2006

[Image: 24288-r.png]

Who's this guy? Wink

Forum-wide challenge - phycowelder - 04-19-2006

[Image: Phycowelder.bmp]

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