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Suggestion... - UltimateQB - 05-26-2003

Wildcard, I don't know how much control you have over the forum... but if posible (timewise) Wink I think it would be cool to have a place on the side (when messages are posted) like under location, to have an age section... I'm rather curious about how old some of the people here are!

Suggestion... - oracle - 05-26-2003

Hoooo boy, you've done it now... :wink:

We already have had 2 or 3 poll threads about people's ages, but the recent two were both locked after a while. You'll just have to hunt through the General section, and look at my one, I posted mean and standard deviation of ages in mine.

actually, - Agamemnus - 05-26-2003

we need a permanent age poll.

Suggestion... - UltimateQB - 05-26-2003

lol, I'm sure there's been age "polls" !!! annoying if you ask me! I think what I said up there is a good idea, but whatever! ;-)

Suggestion... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 05-26-2003

Simple idea: just add your age to the profile, ie: besides Occupation. Something like:

Quote:Student / 15 y.o.

And you check that info simply by clicking the "Profile" button located at the end of every post.

On the same topic, if for some reason it's imperative to add a new field, is always better to reuse the existing fields on the database than adding new ones. So (another simple idea) wildcard/dav could reuse the Interests field, simply renaming the caption "Interests" to "Additional Info". Just a thought. 8)

Suggestion... - UltimateQB - 05-26-2003

simple idea, but seems to be a good one! :bounce:

Suggestion... - Hexadecimal Disaster - 05-26-2003

Thanks. Now do the first step...

Suggestion... - Rokkuman - 05-27-2003


Suggestion... - oracle - 05-27-2003

Which is all very nice, but it would be tedious to go through looking at everyones profiles if you want an average age... Someone suggested it just be a sticky post in the General forum, and both the age threads got locked, so maybe it ain't worth bothering about...

Suggestion... - wizardlife - 05-27-2003

Um, who cares? We're all lonely teenage males except for the old sages like Glenn and Blitz.