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QB Express Issue 2 Now Available
Quote:Nathan: What sort of Comics are you working on/have worked on?

Look at his website:

Although, afaik, he has worked on several other comics.
Aetherfox will kill me Smile I should make more issues of this:

And this is my personal fave:

Your comics are fun, they only need a more readable font.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Hey guys, I'm still looking for a QB game to feature in this issue's Gallery section.

To be considered, your game must be currently in production (ie: you're coding right now), and you have to have a few screenshots. I will write a brief article about your program and post the screenshots in the magazine.

PM me if you're interested.

(Remember, I'm also looking for all other types of content too!)
Pete's QB Site:
Hey, the next issue of QB Express is only 9 days away, and I'm still hurting for content!

So far, here's what I've got:
  • For Sure:
    *Part 2 of QB Now! by Neo (Have it)
    *A "Bobby The QBasic Maniac" comic from Matt2Jones (Have it)
    *The first part of a tutorial series on GUI programming, by VonGodric (Have a draft version)
    *An article on " The 7-line QB text-based graphical screensaver challenge" by Adigun A. Polack (Have it)
    *A "lost" RPG tutorial by DarkDread, which was originally supposed to run in QB:TM before it ended....though it was available on the Darkness Ethereal site for a while. (Have it)

    *A review of a QB game by Oz
    *A tutorial on scripting by Chaoticmass
    *A "Character creation tutorial" by Levi

    *A tutorial by RelSoft
    *An article by Nekrophidius
    *A tutorial by Terry Cavanagh

I also have two or three letters to the editor. I've got a few news stories to write up, but nothing really very exciting (SEND ME YOUR NEWS!) I've also selected my topic for Blast From The Past! and I will be writing up the results of the Four Line Game Compo.

I still do not have a game to feature for this month's Gallery. If there are no takers, I will have to omit this section.

Especially right now, I'm looking for some writers to be permanent staff, meaning that you will have a regular column or section, and submit something every month. I'm looking for people to write editorial columns about the QB community or QB history, since those articles have been the most popular in the first two issues.

I'm also looking for someone who would like to take over the Monthly Programming Competition -- answer questions, promote the competition, choose the winners and then make up the next month's challenge.

Remember, if you want to submit something to Issue #3, I will need it by the morning of October 15th. The issue will come out sometime before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on that same day.
Pete's QB Site:
So when is this next issue out again?

I might do a review of a qb game. (a relatively new one.) That is, if i can get through the first ten minutes of it.... It's quite hard.
Jumping Jahoolipers!
The review will be done soon, and posted on my website....

Just need to get a chance to ask Crono for some screen-shots

I guess that's it

The issue comes out on Friday, October 15th.

Anything that is submitted will need to come in on or before that day. I'd prefer to have everything by the morning of the 15th...but if you need a few more hours, I can wait. Since I'm a procrastinator, chances are I'll still be working on the mag in the evening.

And in case you're one of those people who will go crazy waiting for the issue the day it's supposed to come out (there were a few last time), the absolute deadline for the issue is midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on the fifteenth.
Pete's QB Site:
Pete, I don't know if I have mentioned this already but great site man! Keep up the good work ^_^
Greenday, Spice Girls... Can you tell the difference?
Last call for QB Express submissions!

Issue #3 comes out tomorrow.

(Everything's got to be in by about tomorrow morning!)
Pete's QB Site:

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