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You can click the screenshots to get them bigger, but they'll be the same size as the resolution used in the GUI (most of them are 640x480 pixels).

I could make the pictures bigger, but I don't want to stretch them, because I want them to look just like the GUI.

But I'll add the idea to my "ToDo-list", and have a look at it once I have some sparetime (like, anytime)
I now have 28 GUI's reviewed, and I'm writing a review at the moment. Just thought I'd let you know.
I've just released a new BETA version of Costa. For more information, go here:
checked it out, works great.
By the way, no desktop is included with this version of Costa. But it'll be there in the next BETA.
If anyone have any comments, suggestions, ideas or whatever, feel free to post them.
Wow, has been awarded "Site of the month" by QB Express :o
Almost dunno what to say, except for "Yay!" Tongue

I never expected to have my site awarded "Site of the month" when I first started out in 2004. Didn't know there was that much interrest for QBasic GUI's Smile
Congrats ^_^

And it's the site layout, how much effort you put into it etc..

It's a nice site Big Grin

Hope you keep working on it
Don't worry, I'll keep updating it at least two times a week, as long as there is a QBasic community, which means like forever Big Grin
Well, maybe not forever, but as long as I can update it I will do so Smile

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