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News Submission Guidelines
The Guidelines

Approved News should:
1. have an accompanying URL to whatever the news concerns. No URL means it is really only an "idea" in someone's head (or someone is being forgetful and didn't include a URL). An idea isn't front page news but should instead be posted in another forum.
2. have proper spelling and grammar. This means that an otherwise valid news submission may have to be edited. If a news moderator is not sure about something spelling- and/or grammar-wise then a PM can be sent to another, or even all other, news moderator(s) asking for assistance with editing. Likewise if the original news submitter isn't sure about something he/she can either consult with someone else or go ahead and submit it as is leaving the news moderator/admin to correct anything that may need to be corrected.
3. contain no emoticons (smilies and whatnot).
4. have URLs enclosed in [url] tags. URLs should be shown as full URLs and not use text to describe the URL. (i.e. be in the form and not descriptive text)
5. be relatively short and definitely no more then half the height of the front page (even half would be pushing it).

You can submit items for news at

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