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Hi all

Have spent weeks looking for a suitable GUI which can act as a front end to my machine control programs.
Just when I find one "WizGui2" I cant get hold of the author.

Does anyone know of an alternate email address for Albert Varaksin.
I dont know his ForumTag (if any).

I am having difficuly with compiling the examples with PDS7.1 and keep getting
"Error during initialisation" when I try to run them.

If anyone else has experience with using Future35.lib and the WizGui, perhaps they can see the problem.
  • This is how I compile: Run batch file

    MakeExe.bat which has:



    Path c:\Program1;C:\PROGRAM1\Codeview;C:\PROGRAM1\LIB


    BC Wizker.BAS      Wizker.obj    Wizker.lst  /Es

    LINK /NOE/info @C:\Program1\WizGui\Link.RSP


    Linking rsp file has the following.








    These don’t produce any errors at all, and create an .exe

    But when I run the exe, I get the error

    Error during Runtime Initialisation.


    I have tried different PDS7.1 libraries, tried simply linking the object files provided

    but I still get the same error.

    Normally when I have this problem, it means that the Library or the .obj has been compiled with

    different switches that conflict: ie: Far & Near, or Standalone versus Runtime

Your help greatly appreciated.

Regards from Down Under

Sorry confusion with WizGui  and WizGui 2 which is by Von Godric.
I am looking for the info on WizGui2
t is the End result that matters, not the Tools used to get there.

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