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Submit to QB Express! (Issue #27 Deadline: March 1st)

We are hurting for articles at the moment... so far, I have received only the following:
  • -"Going Deep: Football and Graphics" - Mentat
    -"Commodore Wedge Reinvented" - Kiyote Wolf
    -"Using an Electric Field to Generate Plasmas" - Hezad
    -"CGI and QBasic" - samanddeanus
    -QBinux update - Seb McClouth
    -"Window Procedure" - Walter Samsa
    -Letter to the editor from MystikShadows

Some very good tutorials, but not a single ARTICLE, EDITORIAL, GAME REVIEW or COMIC.

I have also not received any NEWS BRIEFS or GALLERY SUBMISSIONS.

Please get your stuff in!

Also, if you have written any articles / tutorials over the past year that have not appeared in QB Express, we would love to reprint them!  Just send us a link.

All submissions can be sent to:
Pete's QB Site:

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