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Codename Surena with Windows XP Style
You shouldn't check for available XMS memory - it's often unreliable. Sometimes Windows XP will report zero free XMS, when there's really plenty and you can allocate all you want (mine does this). Is this the only thing keeping it from running on NT/2000/XP computers?

I tried it in my Windows 98 virtual machine (under vmWare 4.0), but your program printed "unprintable error at line 0 in module iCantRememberTheFilename" - looks like I need a real Win 9x computer :-(

Well, if I can't look at it, then I've got some questions for you (these are the things I would have checked for):
Sterling Christensen's GUI checklist:
I. Which of the following does it support:
   A. menu bar
      1. menu items can be disabled (grayed out)
      2. tool tips pop up or help text on some status bar for menu items
      3. accessible by keyboard
      4. doesn't freeze everything else while browsing the menu
      5. Windows or Mac style mouse control? (with Mac you have to hold the mouse button down or the menu closes)
      6. Windows or Mac placement? (in a window, or at the top of the screen)
   B. input boxes
      1. can insert/delete a character anywhere, not just at the end of the string
      2. can accommodate strings wider than the input box - scrolls
      3. doesn't freeze everything else while active
      4. home, end, backspace, and delete all work
      5. has a blinking cursor
      6. no flicker
   C. list boxes
      1. down, up, page up, page down work
      2. can accommodate any number of items (with a scroll bar)
   D. buttons
      1. custom text, not just "OK" and "Cancel"
      2. doesn't freeze everything else while being pressed
   E. fonts
      1. works with any font (the font it uses could be replaced with a different one)
      2. characters in the font can be different widths
      3. reasonably fast
II. mouse
   A. changes (normal, hourglass, text editing, window resizing)
   B. no mouse related graphical errors - ie mouse is properly hidden while drawing to the screen to prevent "mouse droppings"
III. screen modes
   A. works in different resolutions and bit depths
   B. does/doesn't use a library?
IV. Using it in a program
   A. What are it's conventional memory requirements, how big is it?
   B. Is it loaded as a module (.BAS), or a library (.QLB)?
It doesn't have to any any of these for me to appreciate it, they're just a few of the things I look for.

The screenshot on your site looks impressive - wish I could see more.

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