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Codename Surena with Windows XP Style
The reason for not being run under Windows NT family is not XMS (although the error message says so!). The problems is SVGA graphics. All SVGA QB programs we know does not run under NT family and so is Surena.

About the features I will give you some information (you can find an overview of the project at Surena home page at

In current preview the only control is button control. Since Surena is fully multitasking nothing will freeze while a button is being pushed (You cannot test this one in current preview but believe me!).

Surena has an advanced font system. It is very fast (it is fast because all speed-critical parts of Codename Surena are written in assembly), the fonts can have different widths and any font can be converted to Surena Quick Font format.

Mouse will never hide while working because of the way Surena manages the screen (Everything is drawn on an XVP in memory and then will be moved to the screen). The shape of the mouse cursor can be changed but current preview does not show this feature.

Surena supports different screen resolutions in SVGA. But the screen mode should be at least 15-bit. SVGA graphics is fully written by us in Assembly language to be fast enough. Surena does not use any library.

You cannot use Surena IN a program. Your program should be run under Surena. As it is described in Surena home page, you will be able to write your program using Codename Surena Basic or using any other language). When using Surena Basic, Surena features are directly available to use. when using another language like QB you should use Surena's dynamically loadable API. This means that the code will not be linked to your program.

About memory usage, we try to keep Surena as small as possible. Most of Surena's data is stored in extended memory so conventional memory will be used only for the EXE itself.
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