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Merging newbie help and programming help
Hmmm... it's in beta stage, but seems very functional... and simpler, impossible. The code's ludicrously easy:



$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM blast WHERE keyword = '$blast'");
$blastData = mysql_fetch_array($result);


  <title><? echo $blastData["title"] ?></title>
  <link rel=stylesheet href="blast.css" type="text/css">
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

<span class="title"><? echo $blastData["title"] ?></span>
<span class="subtitle"><? echo $blastData["subtitle"] ?></span>
<span class="blackb"><? echo addBlast(addLinks($blastData["description"])) ?></span>
  <span class="black"><? echo addBlast(addLinks($blastData["body"])) ?></span>
<hr size="1" width="100%">
<span class="black">
<div align="right">
<? echo $blast.' - '.$blastData["date"].' by '.$blastData["author"] ?> (<a href="">home</a>) (<a href="?blast=<? echo $blast?>&what=edit">edit</a>)
<? if ($REMOTE_ADDR==$myIpAddr) { echo '(<a href="admin.php">admin</a>)'; } ?>

There are an Admin area, but it seems that's only for deleting pages. (if you're using phpMyAdmin, that area's pretty useless, BTW) :roll:
About the restrictions, we can use the same authentication engine that this forum uses, (sessions) or... look, easier than that: since this WIKI uses IP numbers to identify the author, we can restrict the access of the EDIT and NEW modules to be accessed by only the IP numbers contained on an "authorized" table. Far easier, but a bit problematic with dynamic IPs.

What do you say?

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