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QBN Hosting Change
You may all notice some down times at all three spots over the next few days as we are moving hosting to another company. We're trying to do it in a fashion so that nothing is ever down, but it may not work as we hope.

If this is the case, I'm sorry for the problems but we're working on it.

Once everything is moved and the name servers are changed, then everything should be good permanently.

If anyone wants to know where we're going it's Host Gator. If you have any interest whatsoever in hosting, they provide some high quality hosting for cheap. That link will provide a referral for me if you decide to go with hosting, which will help us pay all the hosting bills.

You will also notice hostgator banners placed on the sites in some location, these are just to help offset hosting prices. On fbtk and fileanchor, it won't be too noticeable as the banners just took the place of the google ads (with the bottom google ads being left). On qbn there will be a small banner at the bottom.

If anyone has any questions during the downtime or next few days for me, you can get ahold of me at:
aim: mrsumojo
yahoo: theatareeez

I should be on all of those, if I'm not, try emailing me.

Thanks for everyone's patience and hopefully we'll move through this easily.
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