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The AAP Official Projects Squad has now updated (3-20-2006)!
To MystikShadows:

Thanks a lot, my man! Big Grin=b And look, always a pleasure to see you again, I must say tonight!!

You know something, it is such sheer good fortune that I am allowed on one of the other computers with internet support because that way I can get the *very* latest backup of my site and update it for you all to see on the internet today! At least, that will hold me until I end up with a newer computer, for the time being here. Praise God for all of that and His mercy in carrying me along, so let us not deny that! Cool

Also, wanna know something? On that computer that I am allowed on indeed, I am also back at work now on AFlib2 and on finishing up my doc, and never lose hope, man, because it will DEFINITELY be released still, I promise. Wink !

Be seeing you now, and thanks again!!! :king:


[Image: file.php?id=32]
Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow” ::: Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger” ::: Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine” and “AFlib2 - Aura Flow Library 2”
url=][Image: file.php?id=194][/url]
Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !

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