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QB Express #19!
At long last, QB Express #19 has been released!

This issue has information about the upcoming Qlympics 2006, as well as a great collection of tutorials and article -- weighing in at over 300KB of text alone.

Tutorials this month include "Tree Tutorial: Parts 5 and 6" by Syn9, "A FreeBasic Memory Leak Detector" by DrV, the second Text Parsing by Imortis Inglorian, a tutorial on Data Representation and Manipulation by Rick Clark, "How To Program A Game With FreeBASIC - Lesson #1" by Lachie Dazdarian and "MIDI Programming Part 2: Data Structures And Timing Formulas" by MystikShadows.

Articles this month include a review of lurah's "Bungy The Worm" by MystikShadows; an editorial called "Can't We All Just Get Along?: Team Programming Projects" by Imortis Inglorian; an in-depth article entitled "FreeBASIC - Restrospect, Review and Prognostic" by MystikShadows, "QBasic Tetris Games" by Lachie Dazdarian; an article by Nick Verlinden on his "Multi Processing Core for QB" and the second edition of "Apostrophe: News From The QBasic Forum" by mennonite. Plus Horse Humor comics by Rattrapmax6 and the debut of a new comic called "Stickblob" by Tunginobi. Finally, the Gallery this month features an in-depth look at Stormy's RPG called "Mystic World".

You can find all this and more in QB Express #19!
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