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QB64 Demo v0.61SC (Qbasic syntax Compiler) Released
Check the thread before you download as there seem to be temporary problems with compiling.

The compiling problem has not been resolved yet for some, Galleons latest post:-

Current progress
by Galleon

There are obviously some problems to do with paths in version V0.61SC which can make compiling problematic for some. Despite this, if it does work for you it is the best version of QB64 so far.

The "popping-up" of multiple screens was due to QB64 not supporting the SHELL statement yet. This, coupled with the fact that you have to acknowledge the messages by "Press any key to continue" before each window closes is very annoying. Of course, SYSTEM could have been used but they you wouldn't have been able to read any of the output!

Rather than losing sleep over the paths problem caused by the .bat file (totally unrelated to the QB64 .exe) and because newer versions of QB64 will use SHELL to call the C++ compiler I've decided to implement some more QB commands (such as SHELL) to alleviate this problem. It'll also be less annoying because only 1 window will appear and you'll only have to press a key once at the end. Until QB64 has a pure console mode this will be the best solution. Also, even after QB64 gets a pure console mode it'll still be using SHELL in the same fashion, so it eliminates the possible problems associated with yet another major change to the way the compiler is called.

Behind the scenes I've already implemented:
Demo #7 is all about fixing problems in QB64 and not adding new things, but I feel that implementing these IS helping to fix significant problems.

Posted on Mar 13, 2008, 2:55 AM


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