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Incomplete program
You know, "incomplete" is probably a good descriptor for most endevors in life, as almost nothing is ever truly "completed". 

I would like to suggest that, from now on, all challenges be accompanied with a fixed set or rules that if satisfied by any challenger, it is to be considered complete! 

I know that, as I work on what started out to be a trivial program for a quick solution to some specific problem, I keep adding to it, and, in the end, leave it "incomplete", as I now have more ideas for "improving" it. 

I'm sure that programmers (I consider myself to be an amateur programmer, not a true, real programmer, as in professional programmer) do start out with the requirements, known as "the specifictions", which allows a project to be scheduled and completed within a reasonable time-frame. 

In the "real" world, I also know that many contracts start out with "incomplete" specifications, which must be improved as the project advances, by the addition of "work changes", a fairly costly procedure for the client's lack of proper design of the specifications up front, where it's fairly inexpensive to invest.  In a perfect world . . . 
Ralph, using QuickBASIC 4.5 and Windows XP Home Edition and Service Pack 2, with HP LaserJet 4L printer.

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