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Codename Surena with Windows XP Style
Quote:I think Sepent should just GPL Surena

Codename Surena is an effort to show that many things are possible in QB --those things that most other programmers cosider as impossibles in QB. So we will release the source code. Probably when to final release is ready or even earlier. We won't release the source code under GPL, because we do not like it. But don't worry! We will grant users enough rights!

About multitasking: The multitasking is being implemented using QB not ASM. It's a trick that some other QB OSs have used. Programs are in fact interpretted. This is of course a little slow, but we will do our best to make it as fast as possible. Also we have thought of another to trick to run one EXE file with other programs. This EXE is a real EXE but should be written for being run under Surena.

And a final note about SVGA graphics: We are not really sure where Surena works and where not. Using our ATI RAGE LT-PRO video card it works, while with our ATI RADEON 7000 it does not work. We do not really know what's the problem, but it seems a general problems. Because anywhere that Surena hasn't worked, other MS-DOS SVGA programs -that we have tested- have not worked either. Those written using the Future.Library for example and even old programs not writtn in QB.
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