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YGmae (a vertical shooter) demo 1 released!
Quote:Still some points for Lithium:
- I know the game is vector-styled, but can you still make good-looking textures of it? The game looks like a wireframe model... So the advice is to fill it up a little
- Change the shooting keys from b,n,m to e.g. Control, Alt and Space. It's more userfriendlier then, I think Smile

- Remove the bugs in 16 bit color mode. Game crashes somewhere midway the level.
- Remove the bugs in 8 bit color mode. Game doesn't do any layer-refresh anymore, resulting in objects leaving a trail of itself behind.
- Remove the bugs in the end-of-level code. Game sometimes stops (vertical scrolling stops) far before the *real* end of the level.

TheBigBasicQ: We will release a demo sometime.

Oracle, TurboFX: now we have to work better and faster to REALLY win this competition!!

The rest: if you didn't know yet, I'm also participating in the Total Destruction Project. Wink

Neo, the problems i highlighted in orange dont show up on my comp. And I agree with the ponts in blue.

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